Monday, August 16, 2010


A rainy windy Sunday afternoon and we had tickets to see a movie at the renovated Grand Theater in East Greenville. Its only a twenty minute drive, but we were going much further than that. We were traveling back in time. The tickets were for a rare screening of Steamboat Will Jr, a silent film by Buster Keaton. You may not know the movie, but you DO know many of the scenes. Remember the one where the front of a house crashes around Buster, but he is unharmed because he stands precisely in the open window as the wall hits the ground? The guy was amazing.

...and so was the organist. We were treated to a live performance using the Marr and Colton theater organ. It was easy to forget that music wasn't a part of the sound track. This was really good stuff and would definitely compete with some of the expensive entertainment we see today. (We didn't need sun glasses to enjoy the special effects either.) If you ever get the chance to see one of the old silent movies, do it.

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