Friday, July 2, 2010


I just started the grill. Kingsford Match-lite works very well if you light it immediately. (If you wait, and let the air evaporate some of the fuel, you might spend a lot of time with the propane match before a briquette gets hot enough to ignite.) I actually have two fires as I bought some holders to allow you to separate the coals for different kinds of heat. Helps me to keep the burgers from getting burnt. She made homemade baked beans, one of my favorites.

Building the fire makes me thirsty. Its nice to have some cold Hook&Ladder brew chilling to quench the building thirst.

A few new houses have been built in the neighborhood. The lot across the street was leveled and while we were away the foundation was poured. Two Amish guys arrived, with their helper and started framing. Yesterday the front door was hung and many of the windows were installed. I think the shingles will be installed next week. Its probably two months until their closing date.

Our outside storage building (the shed) was installed this week. The trailer had all kinds of remote control gadgets that allowed one man to precisely position the structure on the crushed stone foundation. I sprayed the inside with Thompson's Water Seal, and plan to insulate and build shelves next week. I haven't used the workshop in quite some should be fun.

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